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I am, Loreta Pivoriunaite from Just a Moment.training,  a training and personality development coach by heart, lawyer by education, writer and contributor by choice. I help people to be self confident so they can contribute to others and thrive their life purposefully.

Loreta Pi is a short version that came naturally. “Pi” is the symbol  in mathematics of “irrational number,” meaning its exact value is inherently unknowable. Actually the digits of pi continue their senseless procession all the way to infinity.

So myself is a big container and ready to share, therefore I like the “Pi”.

 IMG_7702Focus on personal enhancement, cross cultural communication  and conscious leadership I care about people and cultures, peace and empowerment. Building and grooming teams and leaders, I connect people and inspire to take an extra mile. That come with connecting left and right brain strategies for the intended result.

I do coaching games, reflections, insight workshops and special retreats.

And this is what I make: pause, learn and grow. Being in the moment.

Nonetheless I contribute articles with my thoughts, insights (click on the icon, to read them)


Few things can be known about Loreta:

  • she is a former basketball player and athlete
  • has written and produced a drama play for the theater,
  • she took a walk of 67 km towards seaside in 17 hours
  • Loreta worked with worldwide famous scientist protecting orangutans dr.Birute Galdikas
  • She has assisted an acclaimed coach and book writer in India, Rajan.
  • And she can make a famous moonwalk of Michael Jackson.


including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bodo Shafer, JT Foxx, Alex Mendossian and key notes of Donald Trumph, Richard Brandson and Dalai Lama,  Loreta has attended high profile training workshops, with being coached and trained of the world best class success, spiritual growth, self-confidence, financial freedom icons.

Loreta was a member and nominated outstanding people for the world awards – Ten Young Outstanding Persons of the World, as well served as jury member for the Nordic Business Report.

Loreta encourages everyone to make step forward for growth and change, and works closely with those who makes commitment, passion and will. It’s her belief that to leave legacy is possible within one year.

And if you have read so far 🙂 then Loreta’s professional background:

  • Master of Laws
  • NLP practitioner
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) facilitator
  • Master practitioner of the coaching game “Points of You”
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Prana Healing student
  • 10 years of serving and managing NGO’s
  • Experience working for FinTech, Training companies, public sectors (quality assurance) and non govermental (managing a foundation)

DSCN1681CEO, Trainer, Author and my former Boss, Rajan:

Loreta is a thorough professional who delivers every promise she makes. She is a spontaneous trainer who also takes so much effort to prepare for every session. Loreta’s classes are fun and genuine. She was certainly one of the best professionals we hired for training and product design.