Five steps to become the Master of calm without meditation

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Five steps to become the Master of calm without meditation

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I am not good enough?

What if they don’t like me ?

What if they take an advantage to me?

Would you be an entrepreneur, parent, employee, student, or person on a spiritual path make a pause for a moment and  take this advice as a new possibility.

Conditions form doubts. What if I born as a Master of calm, have you ever raised a question for yourself? Does the mind accept calmness, stillness and completeness? On the other side there are few steps to work out with the mind and make a progress to the soul. For some people takes longer, for some shorter to step in and proceed within the journey of a life. Few components are the essence to reach the state of calmness and master the life in business, relationships, health. If you are looking for some simple and powerful steps read on.


A thought is transformative; a thought is an impulse that can change entire behavior. There is a saying if you control your thoughts you control all your life. A moment when the thought comes new neurological connections start to proceed in our brain. Science has done numerous researches to prove it, how neural connections can form a new reality from the idea. Only up to us the expression of it – positive or negative, disruptive or healing, draining or encouraging will appear and nourish.

The impulse of the thought leads to realisation in behaviour and words.


Words are the material expression of our thoughts. What are the words Master of calm is using? Does he use words at all? There are two channels where the words reach the connector – inside and outside, the inner space and outer environment. In both areas the transmitter is the same, however the words might be different. A balance between it occurs via behavior, so the Unity of the words we operate comes via action.

Albert Mehrabian communication rule says personal communication consists of 55% – body language, 38% – tone of voice, 7%- words.

That means, we do not need words, so we can strike it. However, let’s see the laser influence of the words on personal progress. Words are important, they are healing,  because we write them down, we read them out, they are the essence of affirmations, therefore are transformative.

The powerful words

The most powerful words used entirely are: thank you; I am sorry; please forgive me; I love you. These words heal and are updated Hawaiian method for healing, called Ho’oponopono researched by Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.  Repeating them heals and brings peace to the person, relationship as the practical research shows.

Therefore to unite the words above the key component is to serve.


An action is a basis to service and it can be active and passive. Service is giving, it comes from within. Service is accepting, it comes from outside. The work we do becomes the path we follow, as longer we do the further, we master. For example Jose Silva, who invented  the Silva method, in his race of life donated his mind power techniques to the government of the US. His idea was to help people to unleash the genius inside them.

When you are good to others, you are best to yourself, D.Carnegie shared in his bestselling book. Service without expectation is to give for the joy of giving. Have you given a service for the joy of giving?


When a person does not need much, he gives the most. History shows the heroes of a time like Mother Teresa, Helen Keller. These teachers have put an interest to help people as a highest point of their life, themselves to have nothing. Only inner message to contribute to the society showed the way to leave their personal interest behind and leave a legacy. To live without expectations means to be free from prejudice and serve people from the source of love.

How is possible these days, especially with social media involvement and attention, to stay outside the border and be self? One solution is to repeat Ho’oponopono healing mantra “I thank you”, “I am sorry” “please  forgive me”, “I love you”. Doing daily at least once per day the attention of thinking bad about self comes to think less or switch attention to good in self. It leads by any way to open the heart.


The highest energy to create, heal and transform the life, entrance to be a Master of Calm is Love. Service to humanity or other people is impossible without love. The source of energy, light and compassion come from within, when a person is free.

We can love people without liking them. All we owe any person in the world is love, and love is wishing for everyone what you wish for yourself – health, happiness, and all the blessing of life.

“One man come in the name of Love, One man come and go”

the words of a song of U2 band give continuum to follow and give.

Where the meditation has gone?

Meditation itself is process to be in. The tipping point to thoughts, words, service, detachment and  love. Meditation comes unconsciously. The inner world starts to change the outer environment becomes the reflection from within. It tend to appear like using more often the healing words, expressing gratitude, raising consciousness and accepting the life as it is.

After reading it, ask yourself:

What if it does work out?

What if I am  good enough?

What if they do like me?

Changing the thoughts, the words change, so it continues to behavior. Observe what you think, do, feel, and let it go, then start over again. Embrace yourself. Be Master of Calm.

These insights and even more experiences are coming from the annual healthy living festival “Masters of Calm”.

This article originally appeared on HuffingtonPost.