Gratitude business raises 12% of productivity

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Gratitude business raises 12% of productivity

eventually and historically gratitude was one of those elements, features next to leadership and persistence. That’s my observation. It balances all the hard work done, it brightens the rainy day at the peak performance on leadership ladder.

Nonetheless studies show that gratitude improves self esteem, and that’s how tough leaders become emotional competent and appreciable for accomplishments of others. Because we pause to acknowledge someone, as we need to rewind the relationship with that person – feel it, see it and connect it.

Gratitude helps to get on track evaluating the business relationship has been developed. It’s putting focus on a positive steps during the process, however when the measurement comes on the board, it’s about competitiveness that another side of business. I pause here, try it:  when expecting excellence get to switch to gratitude business. How come? It comes with rule of business: “find a need and fill it”.

A recent study show that 60% of Americans report either never expressing gratitude at work, or only expressing gratitude maybe once every year and it brought my attention in the Huffington post article.  Afterwards I discovered a full world of gratitude technology, science and matters at John Templeton Foundation  successfully and engagingly maintaining Check for ideas, actions to spread and be grateful.

Well, still I am here to work on business strategy how gratitude can raise capital or even wealth. share the article where  Lisa Ryan,  author of The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude states- “The monetary value isn’t what’s significant, put the focus on the appreciation. In fact, the bigger the monetary value, the more chance people will look at it from a negative perspective because money is a significant part of the appreciation.”

How about corporates or small business ? Being acknowledged, takes to make an extra mile. I remember my colleague who was an example to me for customer/colleague service being appreciated two years in a row. And she was engaging enthusiastically with extra mile. Would you recall in your own experience an acknowledgment to you and providing it to someone else? The more personal you can make it, the more people feel connected.

The high-performance coach Robin Sharma says it best:

“Gratitude drives happiness. Happiness boosts productivity. Productivity reveals mastery. And mastery inspires the world.”

Fuel the mastery of your business with the spirit of gratitude. Plus scientifically proven – People who express gratitude are 25 percent happier, more optimistic and better sleepers, when a person is happy his productivity raises by 12 percent as improves decision making, and problem solving, therefore it brings profits if that can be named that way.

Last but the least, how can you encourage gratitude to be shared, spread and practiced.

I deeply thank you for it.

And last:

What keeps you going when you stuck?

Who is responsible for your happiness?

When do you say that you are successful?

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