It has been a Success

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It has been a Success

Really I am very much proud, delighted and touched that I can post to larger audiences. It has been more than a year after getting my goal through. More of my articles were posted on linkedin where I have started. Couple of them were featured (hey-a!!) This page presents few of them and also the ones posted on and HuffPost.

If you read this, please connect with me on and like!, as I (re)share great insights and the articles. That means a lot to me, as you can share some of my thoughts and give comments.

It took me a while, as a non native English speaker to make to the day light to the blogging world on external sites. I am very much thankfull, first to editors, Arriana Huffington who welcomed me on Contributors row, and specially to future ones who feature my work.

Click on the icon to reach the posts:


One day the book will come. This day going to be soon. And if you read and interested to be an editor or proofreader it can very BIG impact after all.

Thank you very much for your support and partnership!