The power of Thank you. Next time, please

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The power of Thank you. Next time, please

  • 68 % who had received a ‘thank you’ note also left a note in return
  • Those who said ‘thank you’ were seen as having a ‘warmer’ personality
  • The study claims that saying ‘thank you’ starts new friendships, reminds people of their existing social bonds and maintains older relationships

Say “Thank you” and “Please” to spread the spirit of gratitude. Appreciation and inspiration create more meaningful relationships, while teamwork accomplishes more.

  • In his best-seller How to Win Friends and Influence People sales and leadership trainer Dale Carnegie also stresses these two simple expressions – and their power to open doors.

Two magic words open the doors and the hearts and the  seven habit from  How to Leave a Legacy in One Year: 8 Easy Daily Habits article is approaching.

I have learned the appreciation via my fellow trainer Manoj delivering  the course of “PEP- Personality Enhancement Program” based on Dale Carnegie teachings at one of the modules.

I have heard so many times people talking about gratitude, however the real action and meaning is the word of “thank you”. And it gives the acknowledgement- the word and the action. Because everyone wants to be acknowledged, like everyone wants to be hugged- truly and with compassion like mother or loved does.

Offering your “thank you” makes you to become giver and person accepting it- receiver.

Simply because what we do in our life, we share the emotions that come by actions. Do you know how to make “thank you” in action?

I advice to watch this video of 3.20 min:  continue to read on my Linkedin as you are welcome