The strength of Inner Mountain

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The strength of Inner Mountain

Once in a while you had climbed to the mountain, or even to the hill. How did that feel? What was the taste on the summit and the view? Mountain for most of people is a metaphor for getting through, achieving and breaking the challenge. Peak performance has a reference to mountain’s Top too.

T – take

O – opportunity

P- proudly

As in running, the same in climbing for me there is a meaning: when I want to stop, I keep moving  internally or externally. True, that is hard, but comn, who else if not me is the one who can make it.  And this is about setting your inner mountain. Well, take a moment:  breath in, sit straight, put your hand at your stomach: there is something big inside you…

B – beyond

I – is

G – gratitude

It’s only you who choose to decide how Big you are. However sometimes we are lost to see, feel, believe how big we are. I had the same issue. Only then, when I got to touch my inner mountain, it felt biiiiiiig.

I was already sharing:

Believing is seeing, is more powerful that seeing is believing – and it applicable to the ones who climb the mountain in a foggy day and reaching the summit in any case. No torture, it’s about happiness, proud and touching the Universe.