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Pause the moment

points of youOpening hearts and minds worldwide

Coaching game “Points of You”


A powerful tool used to generate clear, quality communication between people.


We call it a game because when we play, the Game has no winners or losers, but rather
stimulates thinking, discussion, and cooperation.Points of you uzsiemimas

The Game consists of 65 cards. Participants select the topic, pick the card and then the curiosity starts.

It almost always creates communication and intimacy of rare quality. Whether playing on your own or with others, playing for fun or trying to reach a breakthrough.

At the end of the game it makes new, creative ideas for activities and meetings, both social and professional, and turning them into significant, memorable gatherings.

What I do:  I facilitate sessions, workshops, coaching conversations, strategy meetings or an individual inspiration

The variety of organizations I have served starting from multinational, not for profit, chambers, special needs managing association and even TEDx.


More about the tool.   Your time is NOW, I am here for you to pause and look from another point of you with the view.