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This invitation is for the individual who:

  • has wide and bright sight
  • is adventurous and passionate to life
  • is in constant learning and love to apply in practice
  • entrepreneurship or making, organizing and adding value to the society is in blood
  • has fearless approach to make life better and better
  • believes that sharing is caring
  • once in  life has been committed to something Big or looking for
  • has an entrepreneural sensne

and if one of the above looks missing – a journey of a thousand miles starts from a single step.

Contact me to meet for a talk, vision and journey.

I do have my Youtube channel, with some talks and use for streaming webinars.

Being a Contributor for HuffPost I write articles and specially I can combine it and write with you on a productivity, travel, confidence, reaching goal technics with easy simple reached based data.

What you get working with me:


  • first a powerful, fearless conversation for 90 minutes
  • a mentor, a coach, a partner the one which one applies to you the most
  • a progress to be better than you are
  • to get through and change people lives
  • I may offer a business opportunity
  • you will have fun, adventure and purpose from inner you
  • you might be a Big help for publishing my book on “How to leave a legacy” ( the initial article is here)
  • write articles together


Good or Good !